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With Our World is brought to you by MBK Rental Living, a leader in developing environmentally and socially responsible communities.
Our comprehensive program seamlessly blends conscious design with high performance to provide healthier, more comfortable living environments for our residents.

Creating the world we want to live in starts with us.

With Our World is organized into three tracks: pro-people, pro-planet, and pro-action. The first, pro-people, provides above-and-beyond amenities to enhance each resident’s quality of life. The second, pro-planet, focuses on high-performance, conscious design that reduces each residential community’s environmental impact. The final, pro-action, encourages residents to engage with their surrounding community and act on matters that are important to them.

We are currently rolling WOW out across a number of MBK residential communities, both new and existing, following its

debut at Vida in Morgan Hill, California. There, a mix of high-tech and thoughtful decisions, including on-site solar panels, EV charging stations, and smart thermostats makes it easy for residents to enjoy a high quality of life while leaving a lighter footprint.

Ultimately, pioneering a program like this allows us to celebrate sustainable and responsible living, elevate it as a central tenet of our residences and prove that it can be done without sacrificing comfort or at the expense of great design. MBK proudly stands With Our World.

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With Our World is on the mission to
make apartment living planet friendly.

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